Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year, everybody! 2014 was the best year yet, and I'm sure that 2015 will also be the best year yet! In the past year, I collaborated with Print All Over Me, I finished my freshman year at the Rhode Island School of Design, I traveled to Asia for the release of the Candies x Girl with the Flower Spring/Summer collection, I became a textiles major, I wore pink for 15 days, I had some exciting press opportunities, and I made a lot of art!

This year, I resolve to blog more... starting now! I wore this outfit a few days ago to go out to lunch and run some errands. I've been growing out my hair for a while, and I finally have enough hair to wear it up in piggy buns!
 Blazer and trousers from TJ Maxx, Marc by Marc Jacobs sneakers, Forever 21 purse, jewelry from Japan/ beauty supply stores, faux fur scarf handmade by me, sunglasses c/o Find the Light Sunnies


  1. Happy new year! Your 2014 looked amazing! I'm awfully excited for 2015 and what it has in store.
    Hooray for growing out your hair! My goal is for mine to reach my waist. Hahah
    And black is always a great color to wear with bright accessories.
    Here's to another great year of blogging.<3

  2. Your style is simply absolutely fabulous <3 I look forward to new posts from your stylish self!

  3. Wow, quite a year! I remember I found your blog few years back and thought you are one extraordinary girl that will do something big and fun. From what I can tell, you are on the way! Happy New Year!!


  4. Happy 2015 dear! I hope this one is even more successful for you! I love your bog and your quirky fashion sense, would love to see more of you this year ^_^

  5. Ur such an inspiration much ♡ to you Beautiful !


  7. How can I get in contact with you regarding a creative collaboration?


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