Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pink Zoe Experiment

Persona dressing turned persona living

As an artist and personal style blogger, I’m very intrigued by the way people are emotionally affected by personal style decisions. I have written a personal style blog for five years, and as my style has developed, I dress as personas. Certain garments and accessories alter my confidence and sense of self, and I have learned to take advantage of this. For this project, I honed in on one aspect of my appearance and exaggerated it. Pink is a color I am attracted to and one that I both use in my artwork and wear often. 

For two weeks, I acted as a pink persona of myself. I wore only pink clothing and accessories. I wore pink wigs and pink makeup. I documented the experience through a blog, called the Pink Zoe Experiment ( I recorded the experience through selfies and videos, as well as quotes and reactions from other people. I am interested in the way people react to a change in my appearance, as well as how I am emotionally affected by the excessive amounts of pink in my daily life and the reactions of others. I wrote a journal entry at the end of each day, detailing my current thoughts and feelings.

I see the two week period as both a performance and a data collection phase. This experience is meant to inform my other artwork and personal style ideas.

Dress, Comme des Garçons. Coat, Nasty Gal. Shoes, Dr. Martens. Necklace, Handbag, Candies x Girl with the Flower.

Photography by my lovely friend Alexandra


  1. This is so interesting!! :) I really like the idea! I want to read the blog you made about it so bad, but I'm insanely tired right now so I'm checking it out tomorrow when I can function normally :)
    <3 Katie

  2. I remember my literature teacher talking about something similar in class once, she called it "power colours". Like if you're sick most people red to invigorate a sense of health so I think this has a lot of merit and can't wait to see when it finishes.
    also love the selfies you've posted of this pink phase on your instagram too!

  3. I think this is really fucking cool. Sometimes I wear a pink wig and it totally alters how I feel and how people react to me. I also need that jacket <3


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