Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Days

I found this top at a boutique in Hong Kong in June. It's by the brand Mini Cream. The garment can be worn like this or upside-down. It's symmetrical, so both the top and the bottom have a neckline and snaps- definitely a very unique piece! It's not quite long enough to be a dress, so I layered it over a pair of black bike shorts.
I styled the top and bike shorts with a pair of platform Prada shoes I recently scored at UAL, a discount designer store in Nashville. I'm also wearing a headband I recently made out with some Perler bead shapes and rhinestones, as well as a corsage I made with a mini Croc shoe.
My "Zoe" signature name necklace was a gift from Snake and Fawn. I sent them a picture of my signature, and they made it into a necklace! It's very beautiful, and it's a great piece to layer with other necklaces!

Top, Mini Cream. Shorts, Academy Sports. Shoes, Prada. Bag, Milly. Keychain, street vendor in Korea. Sunglasses, Party City. Earrings, Vox Populi Jewelry. Name necklace, c/o Snake and Fawn. Eyeball and flower necklace, Candies x Girl with the Flower. Headband/ corsage, handmade by me.


  1. Love the shoes and the iridescent bag! *u*


  2. Lol I do the same thing when I need some layering; I wear my black bike shorts! And that head band is amazing!! This one definitely goes in with my favorites (along with one that you made with little dog figures).
    The croc shoe makes me think of my niece, her parents bought her a pair of those crazy shoes! Hahah

    P.S: Beautifuo top! I'd love a shirt like that! c:


  3. I love that your signature also appears to say "free"! How cool is that?!

  4. Gotta say I love the site redesign! And I love the mini Croc on your armband too. It's so cool that the top can be worn upside down!

    Theatricality by Mariah


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