Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Believe In Nashville

I really love the DCXV "I Believe In Nashville" murals. This was my first time taking a photo in front of one! These photos were taken the day I arrived back in Nashville from college, so it seemed like an appropriate background! I've just finished up my freshman year at the Rhode Island School of Design. It's been an awesome year, and I'm excited to go back in the fall. When I return for the next school year, I'll be taking classes in my major, which is textile design.
This top is from the British label, Somewhere Nowhere. I've been following the brand on Instagram and Tumblr for several months, and I adore everything they make! This top is great, because I can layer it over other garments, like dresses and tops, and I can also wear it with high-waisted skirts and pants. It's a very unique garment, and also very versatile. I can't wait to purchase more items in the future! I'm thinking about buying this black furry dress for the fall.
I wore the top with an icing dress by Pretty Snake. I purchased mine at the RISD alumi sale, but they are also for sale on Etsy!
These fun sunglasses are from the summer section of Party City.
iPhone case c/o Candies Gifts
My necklace is from my upcoming collaboration with Candies Gifts. Stay tuned for more details!


  1. love the look- the jumper look great in your birthday installation too <3


  2. It's awesome that you're enjoying college. :) I'll be finished in about a year or two and I'm already getting a major case of what's known in high school as "senior-itis"! I'm studying journalism, but I sew when I get home. :) Hahah

    P.S: I love how bold that top is and that "I Believe In Nashville" painting is awesome!


  3. Somewhere Nowhere has so many pretty things, I didn't know them and was a nice discovery, thanks!
    Lovely outfit as always!


  4. I love that necklace soooo much! <3____<3


  5. This outfit is amazing! SO much colour. I love your headband and the teeny tiny burgers. Your jumper is really cool too, and it looks awesome over your flower dress xx


  6. I love those sunglasses

  7. The shoes, lol, they're hilarious!!! Everything looks so cuddly and cute I can die! :-D Love your blogg and I'm a new stalker :-D


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