Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little Thing Magazine

I was recently featured in the Chinese magazine, Little Thing! I have yet to see the actual issue in print, but I can't wait to get a copy! So far, I've only seen a digital version of the spread. Little Thing Magazine is really adorable magazine with a very unique aesthetic; Style Bubble recently wrote a post about it.
Little Thing sent me this really cute bag, along with some matching stickers and a keychain. All of it is so adorable!
Skirt, Jacket, vintage. Top, Zara. Necklaces, DIY. Shoes, Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony. Socks, Target. Bag, c/o Little Thing Magazine. Sunglasses, c/o Giant Vintage.
Photos by Alexandra Alemany


  1. Congratulations about the feature! I have a copy of Little Thing, and it is a really cool magazine. I am not too sure what kind of magazine it actually is because the articles are in Chinese, but I enjoy flipping through it anyway. They also seem to release a matching accessory with each addition of the magazine which I think is pretty unique. Lots of magazines give out freebies, but the ones that come with Little Thing match the aesthetic of the magazine which is pretty awesome in my opinion.

    Glitterous Clitoris

  2. Wow, congrats!
    You look so damn cool.


  3. Congrats!!! That bag is really cute.
    I'm diggin' those platforms too.<3

  4. congrats! you look amazing and I love your shoes so much x

  5. I got weirdly excited over seeing you on Style Bubble- so congratulations
    btw your sock and shoe combination is absolutely killing it <3

  6. welp- your outfit is amazing!! Those platforms and socks are changing my life. congrats on being featured- I think I might get a subscription to little things because it looks really rad and I love the idea of giving freebies with the issues. x


  7. I LOOOVE that bag!

  8. Congratulations on the feature. Very cute bag :)


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