Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Print All Over Me

This printed shirt from the website Print All Over Me. I uploaded one of my repeat patterns, and they digitally printed it onto fabric and made it into a tee shirt. They have a lot of other garments too; I think I will order some pants next.
Worn with a Zara skirt suit and an INC International Concepts faux fur coat
Purple bear phone case c/o Candies Gifts
I'm currently really interested in mixing sportswear clothing and accessories into my existing wardrobe. I really like outfits with an interesting mix of super-glam, glittery pieces, florals, and sporty pieces, like these Adidas shoes.
Photos by Patrick Hulse


  1. I love all your outfits so much! Your talent for mixing prints is flawless~

  2. I wish I could mix and match random prints and make them look so well! Love your blog!!

  3. I love your blog)Its amazing)



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