Monday, October 21, 2013

Can't touch dis

I purchased these "hammer"/"harem"/"drop-crotch" pants from a street vender in Denmark a few years ago, and they are still one of my favorite pieces. They are super-comfy, and I really appreciate the unusual silhouete.
I've recently tried some cosmetics products from Etsy, and I'm really happy with them. My favorite shop is Impulse Cosmetics. Everything is very unique, reasonably priced, and high quality. I also really like supporting an independent maker on Etsy.

My friend Alexandra has been giving me super cute DIY manicures recently! How cute are these!?!?... Sugar skulls, eyeballs, lips, strawberries with eyes!
Pants, unknown brand. Sweater, vintage. Fish purse, Piq. Earrings, c/o Chicnova. Lipstick, Impulse Cosmetics on Etsy. Headband, handmade by me.
Photography by Patrick Hulse

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Floral + Art Print

I wore this outfit to class the other day when I had Art History and English, my non-messy classes. I tend to stick to black clothing for the days I have all-day drawing studio, and I try to avoid wearing my absolute favorite pieces. This suit goes in the category of "absolute favorite pieces." I'm wearing it with a top from Anthropologie that my mom gave me. I love pieces of clothing that look like abstract paintings.
This headband and this choker are recent creations! I love how they coordinate with the colors of the suit and top.
This is my first time posting my glasses on the blog. I got them at SEE Eyewear in Nashville a couple months ago.
My temporary tattoo sleeve
This is my first time trying out Lime Crime's Velvetine in "Red Velvet". It's perfectly matte color that's really long-lasting. Now, I just wish they would make one in blue!
I use this Candies Gifts phone case all the time... It's just so adorable!
Photography by Alexandra Alemany
Suit, Zara. Top, H by Helen Bullock from Anthropologie. Socks, Happy Socks. Shoes, DIYed YRU platforms. Bag, Cambridge Satchel Company. Phone case, c/o Candies Gifts. Necklace, Headband, handmade by me.