Sunday, September 1, 2013

Polka Dot Queen

This is my new mermaid headband! It's my new favorite.
I really like the idea of themed dressing- wearing outfits that follow a specific color or pattern or scheme. This outfit is polka dot themed.
My dress is from Goodbuy Girls in East Nashville. It's a vintage square dancing dress; the tag says "Western Fashions: Denver, Colorado." I'm a big fan of polka dots, and I think the stylings of this dress are absolutely adorable. It reminds me of Yayoi Kusama.
How cute and funny is this purse phone case from Candie's Gifts?!
Vintage square dancing dress, worn with DIYed Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Happy Socks, vintage jewelry, Candies Gifts rings and phone case (c/o), Countessa Fluorescent pink lipstick c/o Lime Crime, and my new mermaid headband!


  1. I love and admire Yayoi Kasuma so much and your DIY Jeffrey Campbells are amazing


  2. OMG, your shoes are amazing and the cover is so cute! ^-^

  3. Love this outfit. Beautiful mix of colours

  4. Your style is so on point and I love all your finds + DIYs.

  5. Kusama is awesome! I adore everything in this outfit! I wish I had such colourful and fun clothes.

  6. Yet again Zoe...Amazing go lady and brighten our world Xx

  7. You look awesome I love your phone case-bag :)

  8. Oh my... You changed my life. Definitely...


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