Monday, September 16, 2013

Bloggin' from Providence, Y'all

This is my first set of photos taken in my new home: Providence, Rhode Island. I love it here! I've had a really great time exploring the area and wandering around the city.
My sunglasses and this "OMG" necklace are from an adorable local shop in Providence called Bananas
I'm really interested in the pattern and silhouette of this shirt. I found it at Beacon's Closet in New York back in March. I'm loving the color combination of the shirt, earrings, and headband.
Top, secondhand from Beacon's Closet. Jeans, Madewell. Shoes, Franco Sarto. Handbag, Kreepsville 666. Earrings, So Good. Headband, handmade by me. Sunglasses, Bananas in Providence, RI.


  1. Amazing outfit Zoe loving the whole style, the print of the blouse is beautiful, I think you need to feature in some style magazines my lovely!!! Thank you for sharing xxx

  2. I love your style. That headpiece is super and so is everything else about this outfit! It's really refreshing to see truly original and unique styles in the blogs :)

  3. You look so pretty with jeans! ^-^

  4. That necklace and top are perfection! I hope you settle in to your new home quickly!

  5. Which Beacon's Closet did you go to?? 75% of my clothes are from there! (Also,I absolutely LOVE this outfit!) -Britney,

  6. So awesome! I am so jealous of your boldness! I was going through my teen vogue magazines and I suddenly saw a few blogs and I was like: I gotta check this out!
    I mean, you stand out so much!
    -Sakura, please visit, comment and request.

  7. you are the cutest little button I have ever seen, I love your personal style. It is refreshing and inspiring to see someone so unique.


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