Thursday, August 22, 2013


Sometimes ya just feel like wearing a lotta necklaces ya know?... But really, I forget about my cool jewelry, and then I remember that I have cool pieces. And then I wear it all at once.
I bought this jacket at Zara, and it's one of my current favorite pieces. It's beautiful and it coordinates with just about everything!
These shoes were a recent Goodwill find. They are so wonderfully tacky and hilarious; I couldn't pass them up. I love how they coordinate with this outfit.
Forever 21 Pants, band tee shirt I borrowed from Jane, embroidered baseball jacket from Zara, one of my handmade headbands, blue lipstick from My Beauty Addiction on Etsy, vintage necklaces/ mixed with Anthropologie jewelry


  1. Very sassy! This outfit reminds me of Matilda's mom in the movie "Matilda"; so diva-like. ;)

  2. I find I do the same thing with my jewellery!
    I really like your trousers and that jacket is just wow!
    Hannah xx

  3. Love those pants!

  4. Amazing outfit! I love your pants! (:

  5. Are you familiar with Donovan's album From a Flower to a Garden (1967)? The first photo especially reminds me of its artwork.

  6. Omg your outfit i beautiful, im kinda obsessed with it. BTW I love the jacket and the printing so stellar. Fashion genius.

  7. great post! I love ur style :)check out my blog :)
    <3 chloe-anna

  8. those super pointy shoes look totally awesome worn with this floral pants ...


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