Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I've been collecting patches for a while, and I finally sewed them onto something! This vest used to be my trusty denim jacket, but I cut the sleeves off to make it more appropriate for the steamy Nashville heat. I must say, I'm pretty darn proud of my patience and sewing ability as I completed this project. All of these are sewn on... I resisted the urge to glue/ iron-on any of these. You should be proud of me too.
On the front of the vest, I sewed on my "Grrrl" patch from Dori and my DCXV "I Believe in Nashville" patch. The pins are from several different places... I also pinned on my recently created Perler bead brooches.
This mini is from Target.. I've been loving the look of mini-skirts recently, and this one is just about perfect! It adds an tough/edgy vibe to everything I wear it with.
Mickey Mousing it with my Giant Vintage sunnies.
...Some back views of my vest...
This "Kawaii" name necklace was gifted to me from ONecklace.com. I love the look of name necklaces, but I think "Zoe" is too short to look good in metallic calligraphy jewelry. Instead, I went with kawaii. It's a great layering piece with my other necklaces.
Skirt, Target. Top, thrifted. Jacket, DIY. Shoes, JuJu Jellies. Earrings, Walmart. Necklaces, DIY and Onecklace.com (c/o). Sunglasses, c/o Giant Vintage. Headband, handmade by me.


  1. You are so awesome! New fan of yours. Following you on bloglovin'. You're style is unique, creative and inspiring!

  2. The No Doubt & "Vegetarian" patches.<3333333333


  3. AWESOME vest, i love these patches! <3 crazy amazing outfit~

  4. Wow what a great job at sewing all those patches on! It would have taken me a week to decide where to put each one, which of course, is part of the fun of creating such a wonderful work of art :) x

  5. Those patches are all just perfect...I think I'm going to need to thrift something solely for the purpose of sewing patches on. x


  6. You're vest looks so awesome and I really like that top! I'm Taylor from http://taylorricefashion.blogspot.com/ and I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go to this link http://taylorricefashion.blogspot.com/2013/07/i-have-been-nominated-for-liebster-award.html to find out more about it and answer the questions!

    www.taylorricefashion.blogspot.com <3

  7. Ugh so perf! I love love love all those patches! *gives virtual medal* Great job on sewing also.

  8. Dear Girl with flowers
    I need help
    I want to wear coragous style but I am worried girls will gossip
    will you give me tips?


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