Saturday, June 29, 2013


I’ve spent the past week in New York City. I had a fabulous time seeing friends, visiting museums, thrift shopping, and wandering around the city. While I was there, I also had the great pleasure of visiting the Teen Vogue offices. This is what I wore to visit the office.
I originally bought this dress to wear to my high school graduation, but recently, I’ve been wearing it as a day dress. It’s a great piece to wear when I want an extra dose of fancy.
This belt is a recent DIY project of mine. I decorated a vintage leather belt with sequins, pom-poms, and rhinestones. I love how textured and glittery it is!
These glue-on nails are from the section of Target’s cosmetic department that stocks things for little girls (mostly Lip Smackers and Hello Kitty products). Although the nails are made for little girls, they fit my nails perfectly. They are super duper cute!
Twirling... with a skeptical look on my face.
I recently blogged that my current personal rule is to not buy any super-tall shoes... basically anything I can’t wear on the hilly campus of the Rhode Island School of Design, where I’ll be starting my freshman year in a couple months. But... these shoes were pretty much too good to resist. I had oooed and ahhhed over them via internet, but once I saw them in real life, I really really wanted them. They are surprisingly very easy to walk in- much easier to manage than some other flatforms I’ve worn.
These photos were taken by my lovely friend, Jane Robertson

Dress, Adrianna Papel. Belt, DIY. Shoes, Y.R.U. from Trash and Vaudeville. Socks, Happy Socks. Necklace, vintage. Earrings, So Good. Nails, Hello Kitty from Target. Phone case, c/o Candies Gifts. Sunglasses, c/o Find the Light Sunnies.

In front of the Teen Vogue entrance!


  1. Love the colours! You look majestic!

  2. Love the photos! You look amazing. Sounds like you had an amazing week too


  3. The belt and the dress and everything is just perfect. Omg!

  4. I love that belt!! Also, those shoes should be fine at RISD. You'll get used to the hills quickly enough. x


  5. You are tops! I just came back from NY a few weeks ago. Isn't it the best?!

  6. Super Summery Colorful Dream!
    I absolutely love your belt (and the nails too!) *_*!

  7. Why are you so amazing, why? ;3;!! You should do a DIY for our next issue of missROBIN fanzine, I'm sure my editor would love it, as all the crew are big fans of you and your style!!

  8. Looks like such a fun time! I love how completely unique every piece you wear is! You make everything look so fun and exciting.

  9. DANGIT DANGIT DANGIT! I was there for the past week too! FOO! I wanted to meet you so soooo bad :'(

  10. What an amazing dress ... I love it when people wear their formal dresses as daywear. Your belt is glorious! xo


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