Monday, June 24, 2013

Lisa Frank

I’ve been a fan of Lisa Frank since about age four, and I love the resurgence of Lisa Frank items that’s come with the revival of everything 90s. I had been stalking this muscle tee on Urban Outfitter’s website for a while, before I decided to just go ahead and buy it. 
I love the colors in this outfit! The colors in the tee seem to perfectly coordinate with the colors of the polka dots in my skirt.
This outfit includes some recently created accessories. This headband is one of my recent favorites, featuring a bedazzled unicorn I found at a novelty store in Providence, Rhode Island last summer. It’s currently for sale in my Etsy Shop. Additionally, I decorated these sunglasses. Originally, they were sent to me by the lovely people at Giant Vintage, and after wearing them for a while, I googly-eyed them.
Top, Faux fur tail, Urban Outfitters. Skirt, vintage. Belt, vintage (altered by me). Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell (altered by me). Necklace, gift from a friend. Lipstick, Lime Crime. Bag, Vieta. Headband, sunglasses, decorated/handmade by me


  1. oh gawd you look AWESOME! my favourite outfit so far and i love the colors on your glasses&lips ^^

    [btw flower crowns and midsummer night's dream on my blog -]

  2. Lisa Frank was the bees knees when I was growing up. I'm glad to see it making a comeback.

  3. such a cool outfit! Colourful is cool :D

  4. you look amazing! love the polka dots and your necklace


  5. Can you do a post on your tips how to dress high fashion and outgoing?

  6. how colorful! wowie, I love it!
    I really like the color of your hair, your flower crown, the "eye" glasses, especially the shirt and the gemstone belt! so wonderful :)
    lovely blog, my dear

  7. You look great so glad you bought the tee :)

  8. OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE THE BEST BLOGGER EVER!!!!!! I have like 12 blogs and this one is better than all of them together!!!!


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