Sunday, June 16, 2013

Junk Food

This dress is one of my all-time favorite Goodwill finds. It's sweet and cute and always super flattering. The pastel hues in the flowers are also very appealing to me. For this look, I accessorized the dress with the hamburger/ french fry/ hot dog flower headband I made last week. I love it in all its glamorous junk food glory, despite being a vegetarian (lol).
This red and purple pattern I used in some of my edits is one of my textile designs from last summer. I designed a large silk-screen with prints of female breasts and created several yards of repeating "polka-dots."
Dress, Shoes, Necklace, vintage. Belt, Kenzie. Earrings, T.J. Maxx. Nail Wraps, Minx Nails. Headband, Corsage, handmade by me. Lipstick, Carousel Gloss c/o Lime Crime. Sunglasses, c/o Find the Light Sunnies.


  1. Hahah I'm a vegetarian too, but you can say they're veggie burgers and veggie dogs.

    I love the dress a lot by the way, they remind me of the dresses that my mom and her friend used to make for each other.

  2. I love the dress! The cut of the neck is very unique and I also love the way you accessorise! I've never seen a garland like this one before but I think it's amazing! By the way, I am vegetarian too! *Whooo, go veggies!*

    Hannah xx

  3. love those nails and the corsage. I'm a vegetarian too but I love the headband. It's amazing


  4. Love the sunglasses!

  5. What a gorgeous look, I must say the dress is perfect and I ADORE your sunglasses. I just need a pair like that (but in a more gothic way) for me!

  6. Wow, that dress really is perfect! I wish I wasn't moving from Providence to Boston when you're coming here in a few months!


  7. oh my god you really are perfection!! xxx wanted to let you know i'm holding a new fashion linky every tuesday over at my place starting next week! the shiny t tuesday posts are becoming a link up with prompts...the prompt for next week is 'WHEN PATTERNS SPEAKS' Would be fab to see you there but i do understand how busy you super star godesses of flower delight are! but still i hand deliver an open invite because you are simply friggin aweseome! xxx jane xxxx

  8. I swear to god you are perfect. wahhhh. seriously. how are you so good at life?

  9. Girl, you've got style! I adore your sunnies! I followed you with GFC and Blog Lovin. Hope you can follow back!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :
    : the daily savant : Blog Lovin

    PS~ I have a giveaway going on now!

  10. you are amazing! i love all your photos and outfits!! ahhhh too perfect :)


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