Monday, June 3, 2013


This is what I wore to my graduation ceremony last weekend. I am officially done with high school! I'm excited for all my summer adventures over the next few months. Then, I'm headed to Rhode Island! I'll be attending the Rhode Island School of Design starting in September.
My mom let me borrow her J. Crew necklace for the day. This necklace is basically perfect. The colors are amazing and unusual.
I recently made this cute little corsage. I'm really into the glitter pom-poms. Also, there's a little owl hiding among the flowers.
Dress, Adrianna Papell. Shoes, Tildon. Headband, corsage, handmade by me. Sunglasses, c/o Giant Vintage. Necklace, J. Crew.


  1. Wow you are lovely, such a great post as usual =)

  2. this is so perfect. the shoes are amazing and so is everything else ah <3<3<3

  3. Congrats! Your graduation outfit was very pretty. :)
    Hope you enjoy studying design!

    P.S: I see the owl. (:

  4. Congrats! By the way, if you wake up one morning and all of your sunglasses are gone, it was probably me.
    xo, Elle

  5. Beautiful dress and congratulations on your graduation. Wish you every success at Rhode Island!

  6. Beautiful, Elegant and just right for Summer!! I always love reading your posts because you're like 'Summer girl" for me since you always wear bright, colourful outfits. Keep the work up!

  7. This is a really nice outfit. Like it a lot.
    Haven't visited your blog in a while, I'm surprised at your hair change, but girl, you totally rock it! Also love that flowers on your head continue to grow! :)

  8. b e a u t i f u l !!!!

  9. Wow. I can't even believe your style. It's amazing. Congratulations on graduating from high school and congratulations on getting into RISD!! Great blog and wish you all the best for starting at Rhode Island


  10. The corsage is really cool! :D I love how you decorated it! ^^

    Fashionably Sparkly

  11. Wow! Congratulations. Will you still be able to blog as much in college? I hope so!

  12. My dear this is the freshest look I have come across in way to long! Perfection and beauty all the way! Congratulations on your accomplishments!

  13. Congrats on graduation! It was great running into you on Saturday! You are always such a joy.

  14. You look fantastic. Congratulations on graduating x

  15. You look beautiful - I love all the colors. I gotta say, I'm a little jealous that you got to dress so colorful. For my graduation, they made us wear white dresses and white shoes. I didn't even own a pair of white shoes; I had to borrow them from my mom. Blech. So yeah, you look like a bird of paradise and I'm jealous ok.

    Congratulations on graduating! :)

  16. gorgeous! you take my breath away x

  17. I really love those shoes.
    Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.

    Do you want to follow each other? GFC, Bloglovin, FB, etc. Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.
    The Style Vow


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