Saturday, June 29, 2013


I’ve spent the past week in New York City. I had a fabulous time seeing friends, visiting museums, thrift shopping, and wandering around the city. While I was there, I also had the great pleasure of visiting the Teen Vogue offices. This is what I wore to visit the office.
I originally bought this dress to wear to my high school graduation, but recently, I’ve been wearing it as a day dress. It’s a great piece to wear when I want an extra dose of fancy.
This belt is a recent DIY project of mine. I decorated a vintage leather belt with sequins, pom-poms, and rhinestones. I love how textured and glittery it is!
These glue-on nails are from the section of Target’s cosmetic department that stocks things for little girls (mostly Lip Smackers and Hello Kitty products). Although the nails are made for little girls, they fit my nails perfectly. They are super duper cute!
Twirling... with a skeptical look on my face.
I recently blogged that my current personal rule is to not buy any super-tall shoes... basically anything I can’t wear on the hilly campus of the Rhode Island School of Design, where I’ll be starting my freshman year in a couple months. But... these shoes were pretty much too good to resist. I had oooed and ahhhed over them via internet, but once I saw them in real life, I really really wanted them. They are surprisingly very easy to walk in- much easier to manage than some other flatforms I’ve worn.
These photos were taken by my lovely friend, Jane Robertson

Dress, Adrianna Papel. Belt, DIY. Shoes, Y.R.U. from Trash and Vaudeville. Socks, Happy Socks. Necklace, vintage. Earrings, So Good. Nails, Hello Kitty from Target. Phone case, c/o Candies Gifts. Sunglasses, c/o Find the Light Sunnies.

In front of the Teen Vogue entrance!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lisa Frank

I’ve been a fan of Lisa Frank since about age four, and I love the resurgence of Lisa Frank items that’s come with the revival of everything 90s. I had been stalking this muscle tee on Urban Outfitter’s website for a while, before I decided to just go ahead and buy it. 
I love the colors in this outfit! The colors in the tee seem to perfectly coordinate with the colors of the polka dots in my skirt.
This outfit includes some recently created accessories. This headband is one of my recent favorites, featuring a bedazzled unicorn I found at a novelty store in Providence, Rhode Island last summer. It’s currently for sale in my Etsy Shop. Additionally, I decorated these sunglasses. Originally, they were sent to me by the lovely people at Giant Vintage, and after wearing them for a while, I googly-eyed them.
Top, Faux fur tail, Urban Outfitters. Skirt, vintage. Belt, vintage (altered by me). Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell (altered by me). Necklace, gift from a friend. Lipstick, Lime Crime. Bag, Vieta. Headband, sunglasses, decorated/handmade by me

Cute Things!

I recently came across Trinity Place Department Store online, and I just can't get enough of their super-cute and colorful shoes and bags!

My current shoe-buying goal is to not buy anything that I can't wear at college in a few months. My school is located on the top of a steep hill, and as an art student, I'll be lugging around a ton of art supplies to class. The heel on these booties is the perfect height! Tall enough for a little lift, yet short enough for practicality. And of course, they're also incredibly good looking. They would look awesome with all garment types year-round!

I tend to stick to heels for most of my outfit posts, but who doesn't love a great pair of flats!? Oxfords always are great to wear with printed socks and skirts. The neon toe-caps on these two pairs are so adorable. The blue and pink ones are my favorite!

I love classic leather satchel bags like these. I have a similar bag in a kelly green color, and it's my absolute favorite bag to carry. The baby pink version is especially beautiful.

Be sure to enter their sweepstakes! You could win a $500 gift voucher! Then you could buy all these cute things... and more! See more of the details here.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nashville Arts Magazine Feature

I'm in the June issue of Nashville Arts Magazine! This is a super exciting opportunity. I've looked at the magazine for years, and it's amazing to actually be in it! The piece was written by Joe Pagetta, and the photography is by Hunter Armistead. The piece also features photos of two of my collages! If you live in Nashville, be sure to pick up a copy. You can also read it online!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bling Bling

I get caught in routine when it comes to jewelry. I tend to wear the same few necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. on an everyday basis. I tend to neglect a lot of really cool pieces when I'm getting dressed, because I forget about them! When I was getting ready the other day, I decided to switch things up and pile on a ton of necklaces. I've collected them all from various places over the years or borrowed them from my mom. I wanted to create an eclectic, vintage vibe.
I love the little 3D bugs all over this quirky sweater!
Dress, Target. Sweater, Vintage. Bag, Vieta. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Earrings, Walmart. Sunglasses, Headband, handmade by me. Socks, Beauty Supply Store. Jewelry, various (Target, Urban Outfitters, vintage, borrowed from my mom). Lipstick, Lime Crime.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photo Diary: Bonnaroo

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. My friend Dori and I loaded up a minivan and drove about an hour southwest to camp out in a field with approximately 80,000 other people. It was such a cool experience, and I documented it with a roll of film. Here are a few of my favorite photographs from the weekend.
In front of a graffiti mural on the walls of Centeroo... I'm wearing a thrifted dress, a DIYed sunhat from Target, an Urban Outfitters fanny-pack, flower sunglasses c/o Find the Light Sunnies, and my trusty red cowboy boots.
At the Cults show
Dori and me throwing up the peace signs
He's my Brother, She's my Sister, one of my new favorite bands
Wearing sunglasses c/o Giant Vintage
Wearing a vintage skirt, a Forever 21 top, a bag from Nordstrom, and my cowboy boots
Dori in a super cool DIY bra tee shirt, in front of a super cool VW bus 
Bjork! She is seriously just the coolest. Although you can't see a thing in this picture, she was wearing this amazing metallic, armor-like mini-dress with a fiberoptic sorta headdress.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Junk Food

This dress is one of my all-time favorite Goodwill finds. It's sweet and cute and always super flattering. The pastel hues in the flowers are also very appealing to me. For this look, I accessorized the dress with the hamburger/ french fry/ hot dog flower headband I made last week. I love it in all its glamorous junk food glory, despite being a vegetarian (lol).
This red and purple pattern I used in some of my edits is one of my textile designs from last summer. I designed a large silk-screen with prints of female breasts and created several yards of repeating "polka-dots."
Dress, Shoes, Necklace, vintage. Belt, Kenzie. Earrings, T.J. Maxx. Nail Wraps, Minx Nails. Headband, Corsage, handmade by me. Lipstick, Carousel Gloss c/o Lime Crime. Sunglasses, c/o Find the Light Sunnies.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Glitter Glitter

I've had Photoshop for a while now, but I'm just now learning how to use it. I edited these photos with some of my newly acquired photoshop skills! Also, check out my new header!
I've also been crafting and DIYing a lot lately. This unicorn headband and these super jeweled sunglasses are two of my newest creations. They are now for sale on my Etsy Shop, along with a whole lotta other new items!
I also tried these Minx nail wraps the other day. I had read about them in magazines and on blogs, and when I saw them on super-sale at Ulta, it seemed the perfect opportunity to try them out. I think they look really cool, and they're lasting really well too.
Dress, vintage Laura Ashley. Bag, Search and Destroy. Earrings, Betsey Johnson. Necklace, borrowed from my mom. Bracelet, Forever 21. Lipstick, Lime Crime. Phone case, c/o Candies Gifts. Headband, Glasses, handmade by me.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Alien Invasion

I recently made this headband with some glow-in-the-dark alien figurines I found at Party City. It's one of my favorites out of the ones I've made. Also, I'm finding myself particularly attracted to green recently, hence the glasses and lipstick choices.
The aesthetics of this look were inspired by Spring Breakers... the bright colors, the eclectic rings and bracelets, the texture and feel of the beach cover-up, and lastly, the "Alien" reference in my headband and sunglasses.

Blue dress, Forever 21. Pink dress, thrifted beach cover-up. Shoes, ASOS. Earrings, Forever 21. Bracelets, thrifted. Sunglasses, Pangaea. Bag, c/o YesWalker. Phone case, c/o of Candies Gifts. Headband, handmade by me.