Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Textile Design Installation

These are some self-portraits I took a while ago. I used some of them in my recent short art film, "Optic Nervous." My idea was to create an environment entirely made up of things I have made. I dressed in an exaggerated manner, using things I normally wear, but choosing items that are more dramatic than my everyday garb.
The above image somewhat resembles the photograph "Frida on Bench" by Nickolas Muray. It's one of my favorite photographs, but I did not intentionally use it as a reference. It's purely coincidence.
I decked out my face and chest with rhinestones and googly eyes.
The dress I'm wearing was created by my fashion designer friend, Raphaela Tayvah. She designed the dress and used my textile to execute the dress. The belt I'm wearing is an accessory I created for a costume; I dressed up as a garden for my costume birthday party this past summer. The hat and headband were also created by me. The sequin tiara is from Joann's Crafts.
I also took some shots with my favorite purple wig. I bought it at a beauty supply store in downtown Nashville a couple months ago. For some of the photos, I draped my favorite faux fur coat across my lap to create interesting texture.
This is the original installation, before I took the self-portrait shots. I draped my textile designs around a four-poster bed and arranged them into a small shrine sort of environment.


  1. I love every post you put up, and look forward to each one. Please keep it up! (:

  2. This is so inspiring. All the mix of colors is just making my eyes go WHOA!

  3. I am literally floored right now. *picks jaw up off floor*
    you are seriously a genius.
    Sorry I haven't sent you anything yet but I am going to! I have been feeling so uninspired but the past couple days have been good for inspiration - and this post especially has given me a boost of energy. This is so amazing, you are really inspiring. Wow. wow. wow.

  4. Love, love, love.

  5. Those textile prints are amazing! Really great work!

  6. These are amazing! Girl, you look awesome with frizzy lavender hair... please tell me these are your future hair plans :) Also totally loving those textile prints, I wish I was capable of doing that sort of thing.


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