Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This film is based on the age-old concept of Vanitas painting. The word "Vanitas" in Latin translates to "vanity" in English. Vanitas paintings are meant to showcase the meaningless of Earthly matters and the transience of daily concerns, in contrast with the concerns of religion, life, and death. Vanitas paintings traditionally depict symbols such as flowers, fruits, jewels, trinkets, books, skulls, and bones.
I was drawn to this concept and how it could apply to my own artwork and personal concerns. I am attracted to all things shiny, bold, and visually exciting: color, glitter, rhinestones, jewelry, makeup, bold clothing, bright textile designs, interesting accessories. This comes into play with my everyday clothing choices, but these interests and concerns are most evident in my art. I designed this short art film in the same likeness as a Vanitas painting. I am exploring the power and meaning of my artist energy and creation in the grand scheme of things.

I created this film with my Nikon D5100 and a MacBook webcam. It also includes still shots that are closeups of my artwork. I wrote the music with my dad, Chuck Schlacter.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wild Thing

This headband and these sunglasses are two of my latest creations. The sunglasses were originally sent to me from the lovely people at Giant Vintage, and I decked them out with ribbon rosettes, tiny googly eyes, and rhinestones... pretty darn kawaii if you ask me. They are now for sale on Etsy.
This Flora Kung dress, worn as a jacket/coat, used to be my mom's. It's one of my favorite pieces. The pattern is so unique and versatile at the same time. I love to layer it over other dresses.
This headband includes two lizards, a bird, and a frog, as well as an array of googly eyes and rhinestones. It's my new favorite.
I found these shoes on sale at this really funky store in Atlanta, Georgia called Junkman's Daughter. I was in Atlanta over the weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday.
Floral dress, altered vintage from Goodwill. Printed dress (worn as a coat), vintage Flora Kung. Shoes, Demonia. Belt, Ann Taylor Loft. Necklace, secondhand. Earrings, Forever 21. Headband, Sunglasses, handmade by me.

Also, some exciting news! I was featured in the People Issue of the Nashville Scene last week! Check out the article online.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Textile Design Installation

These are some self-portraits I took a while ago. I used some of them in my recent short art film, "Optic Nervous." My idea was to create an environment entirely made up of things I have made. I dressed in an exaggerated manner, using things I normally wear, but choosing items that are more dramatic than my everyday garb.
The above image somewhat resembles the photograph "Frida on Bench" by Nickolas Muray. It's one of my favorite photographs, but I did not intentionally use it as a reference. It's purely coincidence.
I decked out my face and chest with rhinestones and googly eyes.
The dress I'm wearing was created by my fashion designer friend, Raphaela Tayvah. She designed the dress and used my textile to execute the dress. The belt I'm wearing is an accessory I created for a costume; I dressed up as a garden for my costume birthday party this past summer. The hat and headband were also created by me. The sequin tiara is from Joann's Crafts.
I also took some shots with my favorite purple wig. I bought it at a beauty supply store in downtown Nashville a couple months ago. For some of the photos, I draped my favorite faux fur coat across my lap to create interesting texture.
This is the original installation, before I took the self-portrait shots. I draped my textile designs around a four-poster bed and arranged them into a small shrine sort of environment.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Orange + Blue

I made this shirt a couple summers ago in a printmaking class. I carved the design into a woodblock, printed it on a tee shirt, and bleached the fabric around the design. I also made these pants by splattering bleach on them.
I love the orange and blue color scheme of this outfit.
I'm really loving the new Agyness Deyn x Dr. Marten's collection! These shoes are my favorite place in the collection! It's so much fun to wear them with funky socks.
Pants, DIY. Shirt, DIY. Shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren. Bug Earring, Betsey Johnson. Stud Earring, Kate Spade. Shoes, Agyness Deyn x Dr. Martens. Sunglasses, Giant Vintage. Headband, handmade by me. Lipstick, MAC Paintstick in "Cyan."

Sunday, March 10, 2013


This is my latest headband creation! I love it so much. I've never used dogs in my headbands or corsages before. It's now for sale on Etsy!

My friend Dori Pechianu just gave me this "Loser" rosette last week as a thank-you gift. It's my new favorite accessory! It's from Dear Colleen on Etsy. Dori recently started a super-cool art blog and Etsy shop, both entitled "Art Snob."
Shirt, Skirt, vintage from Goodwill. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Sunglasses, Giant Vintage. Ribbon, Dear Colleen on Etsy. Headband, Handmade by me.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Brave the cold

The winter weather in Nashville is terribly unpredictable. One week, the weather will be warm and sunny, and the next... freezing cold and snowing. This past weekend, when it was particularly cold, I braved the snow in my plush cow coat.
I'm really into this look of monochromatic yellow and gold accessories. This "Yellow Googly Eye Headband" is for sale on my Etsy Shop.
I've been into nail art lately. For this manicure, I painted all my nails different colors, layered glitter polish on the top, and used nail glue to attach little clay charms from the beauty supply store.
I recently bedazzled and googly-eyed these shoes from Target. I love the look of the eyes on the toes and the clusters of rhinestones on the heels.
Jeans, Blank NYC. Coat, Vintage from Goodwill. Shoes, DIYed shoes from Target. Cow skull ring, Nordstrom. Rhinestone ring, Michael's. Earrings, T.J. Maxx. Lipstick, Lime Crime in "Serpentina." Headband, handmade by me.