Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kimono Jacket

This kimono-inspired jacket was recently given to me by a friend. It's second-hand, and I think it's so cool. The colors in the print are particularly nice. I layered it over a polka dot button-down from the Gap.
Giant Vintage recently sent these sunglasses to me, and I love them so much! Polka dots are so much fun to wear.
I've been working on some new flower creations recently. I made this corsage with some colored googly eyes a friend of mine gave to me recently. I'm probably going to keep this corsage for my own uses, but I'm making plenty of others that I will be posting on Etsy. On the other hand, this headband is going to be for sale in the next day or so! You can follow me on Instagram @zoe_schlacter for more regular updates on my Etsy listings!
Check out the googlies on the headband!
Jeans, Guess. Shirt, Gap. Kimono Jacket, secondhand. Socks, Forever 21. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Earrings, borrowed from my mom. Sunglasses, Giant Vintage. Headband, Corsage, handmade by me.
Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics Paintstick in "Landscape Green."


  1. Woah! I'm in LOVE with those sunnies:) <3

  2. Awesome kimono! And I like the corsage, it's super neat :)

  3. Oh my you've done it again!! Briefly stopped my heart from beating **paper bag breathing**!!! xo

  4. Hello !! u hae very interesting style.I like your jacket aaaaaaaa vintage :*

  5. Why are you so much prettier than every other human being on this planet?! I just don't understand!!

  6. une jolie pagaille, I love it! The colors, the patterns, the flowers! ...and your ears are just doll, they give you character :)

  7. Another great outfit, that floral kimono is amazing and your shoes are WICKED!...x

  8. I feel super jealous of your kimono- you wear it so well.
    Also, that corsage is excellent. Can't wait to see more stuff crop up in your Etsy store!

  9. I love the entire aesthetic that this outfit is portraying. So many great colors! It's a treat for the eyes. :)


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