Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fantasy World

I took these photos recently with my Nikon D5100 and tripod. I used one of my screen-printed textiles as the background. 
This headband is for sale on Etsy: Glittery Dinosaur Flower Headband
The cone hat is from Savant Vintage Couture in Nashville. My eye makeup is from MAC Cosmetics, and my lipstick is Lime Crime in "Styletto" with a MAC Cosmetics Pro pigment over top.


  1. your pictures never fail to amaze me<3

  2. i am collapsing. too much perfection. aww.

  3. i seriously love your daring looks. it reminds me to not care about negative comments when you look different from someone else <3

  4. So lovely!! You look so beautiful in everything you do! :)

  5. Amazing pics, your eye make-up would give Lady Gaga a run for her money!
    You are fabulously creative, I'm in love with your blog...xXx

  6. I seriously adore that third picture. I'm melting a little.


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