Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dress-Up Box

I posted a sneak peak for this photo series a while back, but these are the finished, edited photos. I shot them with a Nikon D5100 and my tripod. This sparkly pink wig from my friend Abby Schultz inspired the vibes for these photos... I aimed for something princess-y, glittery, nostalgic, and magical. I love how the wig is messy and frizzy, knotted and tangled from years of wear. It conjures early memories of playing in the dress-up box: throwing on too-big hand-me-down clothes, adorning myself with old jewels, and covering my hair with itchy, fabulous wigs. This self-portrait series is predominantly inspired by childhood experiences.
I experimented with interesting lighting in some of these photos; I used colored bulbs and a string of battery-operated holiday lights. After I uploaded the digital images, I used some silly filters and colored overlays to further develop the mood I was trying to achieve.
The textile in the background was designed and printed at my RISD Pre-college program this past summer.

Dress, vintage from Goodwill. Necklace, vintage. Rings, Michael's Crafts. Corsage, Headband, handmade by me. Lipstick, Lime Crime in "Styletto."


  1. These turned out really well! I love the spirally collage one, second to the bottom.

  2. Oh my god these photos are perfect! i really love the sparkles and the pink hair and the lipstick and!!!!

  3. These pictures are so cool!! I love the editing you did to them. I found you in Teen Vogue, and I'm your newest follower now. You have such a fun and unique sense of style that I admire.

  4. I love all your looks !! you are so creative and a inspiration for me !!!


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