Monday, December 17, 2012

Meow meow

I went to an art show reception on Sunday afternoon, and this is what I wore! This dress is my "art show dress," and I tend to save it for special occasions, primarily art openings. I love it's retro shape and bright red color! It's always a joy to wear! (Despite the angsty look on my face in all these photos..)
This tiger headband is one of the first headbands I made, and I always feel so fierce whenever I wear it!

I found these heart earrings at Walmart the other day. I've never really been accessory shopping at Walmart before, but they have some pretty kawaii things on occasion...

This jacket is probably one of my best-ever Goodwill finds. Not only is it a super high quality Moschino Cheap & Chic jacket, but it coordinates with nearly everything I wear!

My nail polish is "Radiant" by Revlon. However, I coated all my nails on my right hand with various other glittery shades from the Sephora nail polish display. The two large cocktail rings I'm wearing are from some random craft supply store. My Frida Kahlo ring is from Pangaea, a super funky boutique in Nashville. The turquoise ring is from Santa Fe, a 15th birthday gift. The blue stone ring is antique.

I'm all about this fluorescent clear purse. I admired similar purses when they first appeared on runways, and I was super excited when I found this bag at Forever 21 last year. It was pretty inexpensive, and it has held up surprisingly well. Plus, it's really easy to find my belongings. Please disregard how I'm awkwardly carrying around masking tape. #artistproblems I suppose...

Dress, Kenzie. Jacket, Moschino Cheap & Chic. Bag, Forever 21. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Necklace, vintage. Earrings, Walmart. Sunglasses, Savant Vintage Couture. Lipstick, MAC Cosmetics Paintstick in Cyan. Headband, Corsage, handmade by me. You can buy similar floral accessories on my Etsy Shop!

Here's a picture of me with my piece at the museum! The work is a self-portrait photograph in which I glued googly eyes to my face and pinned flowers in my hair. I created the piece as an exploration of blindness, perception, and identity. I took the photograph a while back, as you can probably tell by my length of hair and lack of flowers.
The show is an Advanced Placement Studio Art featuring high school artists from across the state of Tennessee. It's located at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. If you're in the Nashville area, you should check it out!


  1. This is all so stunning,takes my breath away!
    <3 your purse xx

  2. I love the way you're one of those people that doesn't seem to follow trends, but set them yourself! Your looks are so fresh and interesting, and I love seeing what outfits you wear :D xx

  3. Congrats for being in a museum!!!! That will be one of my big pleasures :D
    like so much the outfit, the headband and the bag!!!


  4. no doi, this is perfect! also, super rad that you had that piece in a museummmm!

  5. WOW! You look fantastic as usual. Congrats for having your art in museum!

  6. WOW!
    This outfit is too perfect for a gallery opening! So vibrant!
    Also, from a fellow art kid, love the artwork!

    <3 Vega

  7. This is my favorite outfit of yours. The headband and the bag are just perfect.

  8. You seem like the kind of person who might like Japanese streets. You can subscribe on a mailing list. They are very creative.
    By the way here is my blog

  9. You are so adorable! I actually saw your photo when I was at the Frist a couple of weeks ago. It was one of my favorite things from that show.


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