Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sticker Collection

I put stickers on prints of my recent outfit photos and scanned them. I like the contrast of the brightly colored, super-shiny top against the preppy lavender uniform skirt. And as always, I'm channelling glittery princess vibes (note the crown, earrings, and holographic stickers).
Also, you can buy this headband (minus the sequin crown part) and corsages similar to the one I'm wearing on my Etsy Shop, also called Girl with the Flower.

Top, vintage Custo Barcelona. Skirt, thrifted. Socks, Forever 21. Shoes, Belt, Target. Glasses, sent to me by Giant Vintage. Sequin crown, Joann's. Headband, Corsage, handmade by me.


  1. I really like the way you have done the pictures, it must have taken you so long to do them all! And of course I love your outfit <3

  2. Great blog ! Very inspiring and creative !

  3. I am having the biggest crush on your blog and style <33


  4. Love it. Must have been alot of work to edit everything :)

  5. whoaa love these photos! what kind of camera did you use?
    oh! and thanks for the comment and following me! :*


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