Thursday, November 29, 2012

Obsessed with Instagram

I, like many other bloggers, am obsessed with Instagram. It's a great way to share experiences, but I've found that having an Instagram account has really helped me to see more beauty in my everyday experiences. It's trained my eye to look for interesting things to photograph and Instagram.
Follow me @zoe_schlacter... here's a sampling of the kind of things I post (mostly flowers, googly eyes, and rhinestones, with the occasional selfie).
In progress DIY projects (headbands, corsages, etc) and my handy hot glue gun

An angsty selfie taken with the app Pudding Cam, sketchbook inspiration collages and sticker collection, a finished corsage (available on Etsy), and DIY marbled paper I made for a project at my high school's art club

My glitter obsession: new dinosaur headband, my sketchbook cover, and shiny stickers on holographic posterboard

My adorable kitten with some kawaii editing, Me in front of my photograph on display at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, Shopping for leather jackets at Savant Vintage Couture in Nashville, An array of DIY projects (googly eye sock cuffs are available on Etsy)

Selfie of an in progress Frida Kahlo Barbie headband

In-progress headband and rhinestones, my new flower sunglasses from Savant Vintage Couture in Nashville, Forever 21 polka dotted socks and orange Target wedges, two giant bags of super exciting rhinestones for DIY projects

A recently created glittery dinosaur headband


  1. Obsiouly I've been missing out, you just have a new instagrammo follower. Love to see your DIY hairband projects. <3

  2. Follow you nnow. Love your pictures. I also have an instagram account:
    @diana1zl :)


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