Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I bedazzled this National Championship jacket recently, and I'm quite pleased with the finished product. The jacket is originally from Goodwill. It had the name of some random sports team on the top portion of the back, but I took it off with a seam ripper and wrote "KAWAII" on it in rhinestones. Then I bedazzled a "Z" on the front, as well as a heart, to cover up some random sports logos. Now, I'm the National Champion of KAWAII (that means super cute in Japanese)!

Musical inspiration for this jacket:

Jacket, D.I.Y. (originally from Goodwill). Skirt, altered skirt from Goodwill. Shirt, Ralph Lauren. Headband, handmade by me (will be for sale on Etsy soon!), Sunglasses, sent to me from Giant Vintage. Shoes, Sam Edelman "Zoe" booties.


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  2. SUPER excited that you'll be selling on etsy soon! I love your headbands but I'm not at all crafty so I had no chance of recreating them myself.


  3. Awesome outfit! I love the jacket:)

  4. You look stunning in this jacket and fresh flowers on your hairs looks marvellous. Nice color Combinations.

  5. OH MY GOD...could you be any more blatantly have blog.

  6. you've got a dinosaur on your head and I love dinosaurs so I love your style and your blog and this crown and your outfit.

    even more love,


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