Friday, September 14, 2012

Go team.

This lacrosse pinnie is from the Brown University book store. I bought it as a joke, because I'm pretty much the most un-athletic person in the history of un-athletes. It's fun to dress it up with random, funky garments and accessories.
These glasses are hand-me-downs from my dad, and these earrings are hand-me-downs from my mom. Fashion runs in the family, I suppose.
Also, I found faux leather pants at Target the other day.. polyurethane pants, to be exact. I really love wearing them.. they add just the right amount of hardcore sass to my lacrosse pinnie.
In addition to my polyurethane pants, I found this bag on super duper sale at Target the other day. I'm planning to decorate it with some rhinestones or googly eyes.
At first, I was sad when my flatform sneakers began to scuff around the toe, but I've grown to love their perfectly imperfect nature. The scuffs give them more character. 
Also, my sock cuffs! My latest D.I.Y. creation! I adore them.. I'm planning to make more and list them on my Etsy shop.
Pinnie, Brown University bookstore. Jacket, Belk. Jeans, bag, Target. Shoes, ASOS. Sunglasses, from my dad's closet. Earrings, from my mom's closet. Sock cuffs, headband, handmade by me.


  1. lovely outfit! Love the color of the lippy

  2. YOU ARE SO AMAZING! how do you make everything so cool!? wow. and your socks. wahhhh!! <3
    do you go to brown!?!!

  3. You look glamorous and fabulous as always! Love the texture mix here.

    Stacey Kay
    Parlor City Vintage

  4. You are AMAZING. I want to write you fan mail. I might read through your entire blog in one sitting.

    I manage a store that sells socks, tights and leggings and I would really like to link to your blog to show our customers how to style pleather pants. We just started stocking some pleather leggings. Love 'em.

  5. 'Girl with the flower' I have to admit and tell you that you have become one of the blogs I admire most. Really, your creativity, your make-up, your lively outfits...You look like the most positive and self-confident person in the world!! And I really like it!!


  6. lovely post, thanks for sharing. Lov'in ur blog :D **Come visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other via GFC! **

    UK Daily PostCards

  7. aww, I love this! especially the jacket is so cute! oh and your lipstick is awesome! Love, Frieda from


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