Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20

Today I pinned the dress into a crop top with a vintage brooch, and I wore my harem pants from Forever 21. I love all the draped layers in this outfit.

Dress (worn as top); Goodwill. Pants, Necklace; Forever 21. Jacket; Target. Cardigan; Pangaea. Shoes, headband; handmade/DIY. Brooch; vintage.


  1. Honey I like your looks on lookbook and I decided to join to your fans :) If you want invite on my blog

  2. Very interesting cropping. I would love to see more of the zebra shirt, please!!!

  3. I LOOOVE the brooch and headpiece. Sarah xxx

  4. love this look and that blue lipstick I WANT!!! I have been looking for some just like that for a while.

  5. This is genius.

    Odelia Kaly


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