Thursday, December 8, 2011


I bought this jacket at Half-off Super Saturday at Goodwill. I was reluctant in purchasing it, but I thought it was worth the risk for $3. I adore it though; I feel so tough whenever I wear it!
I mentioned my handmade headbands briefly in my last post, but I'm seriously thinking about starting an Etsy shop! Any takers?
Jeans, Guess. Dot Blouse, vintage from Goodwill. Jean Jacket, vintage Rustler from Goodwill. Bag, flea market. Faux fur tassel, Urban Outfitters. Bolo tie, borrowed from my dad. Headband, handmade by me.


  1. You should absolutely sell your headbands on Etsy. I think people would love them. Heck! I love them and I would totally buy one if I had the money!
    What a steal. Holy crap. Three bucks for that jacket? Ive been looking for a decent denim jacket for like a year now. I really like the blue velvet Litas. They're very unique!

  2. You've got the perfect tough girl look and vibe going on in these photos! Those shoes are absolutely to die for.

    I think you should totally go for selling your flower headbands on Etsy! You're oosing with creativity and know what you're doing when you make them. What have you got to lose?!

  3. You´ve got an amazing personal style!! Following now dear. If you want visit my blog and follow me?
    Kisses from Perú

  4. Holy cow, $3 ?? awesome deal ! Those are some neat Litas, and your flower headband is gorgeous as usual. Etsy shops are fun, go for it ! xo

  5. this denim shirt never fails to spice up the whole outfit. i have one but black/gray.

    xo katrina

  6. Now this outfit is something I would totally wear :) The flowers look gorgeous!

    Kisses! xxx


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