Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The cow says "moo".

I picked up this faux fur (if one can refer to a cow as having "fur") coat during my last trip to Goodwill. Immediately, I was drawn to the graphic print and silly stuffed animal texture. I spotted it from a mile away!
Although it's quite a bit large for me, I have grown to love this unique piece over the past couple days. It seems to go with everything in my wardrobe, but I like it best with super-tight jeans and super-tall shoes. This applies to most faux fur jackets, coats, and vests. The voluminous silhouette needs balancing; it looks best with a slim or close fitting bottom, such as a straight-leg jean or a pencil skirt.
Vintage "Cow" coat worn with Guess Jeans, a Jacobs by Marc Jacobs tee shirt, a handmade flower headband, my mom's vintage earrings, Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties, my trusty Pangaea sunglasses, and my ring collection


  1. You have impeccable style, Zoe! Favourited this photo on Chictopia.

    xx, Crystal

  2. Gorgeous shoes, gorgeous YOU.

  3. Looks so snuggly, and your so right about the silhouette. Love it!


  4. i love the cow prints! And love it more when you mixed it with pink flowers on your head! sooo creative.

    Summer Flounce

  5. I love those Freida Kahlo-flower/buns in your hair!

  6. Love your style! I am your newest follower! =)

  7. I discovered you via chictopia and I am smitten, surely you have magic running through your veins


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