Wednesday, November 30, 2011


As of late, I've been feeling especially crafty... cutting things up, hot gluing, sewing, stuff like that. It all started when I began making headbands with some of my friends. I covered one with a large stack of flowers, fell in love with it, and decided that making my own flower headbands is much more fun (and cost effective) than my individual flower clips from Forever 21. I've been wanting switch up my everyday flower combinations, and this really is the perfect solution to grow my flower collection. I've made about ten headbands in nearly every color of the rainbow. I've also expanded to figurines and other small objects, such as this tiger. I've made headbands with bird figurines, cat figurines, a small doll, and a giraffe.. It's so incredibly fun!

My headband craftiness led me to other crafty activities, like sewing! I went through a serious sewing phase from about age 10 to age 13, but I haven't really done much since. I picked up this dress at Goodwill, and got to work. Now, I'm reworking my wardrobe.. chopping the hemlines of skirts, making fabric belts, fixing up unworn tops. Originally, this dress had a pilgrimish lace collar and was about four inches longer, but I fixed both of those problem areas in a jiffy. It's now my new favorite thing to wear. There's nothing better than a bold vintage-inspired dress!

Altered vintage dress and handmade tiger headband... worn with Target tights, sunglasses from Pangaea, a belt from Closet Case Vintage, and my trusty red boots


  1. cool coiffure!! Love the title design of your blog!!

    That last photo uplifts my spirit and I want to start creating magic, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Pure inspiration!!!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous Zoe! I am completely in love with your dress, and GUH at the headband!

  4. Wow I adore this! The headband is so perfect - I love cats and flowers... Make me one? Pretty please!

    And the dress is absolutely stunning! Polka dots + vintage design = dress perfection! Wish I was good at sewing. I`m pretty crafty, but sewing is not my thing...


  5. These are beautiful and I love the color of your photos! So stunning.

  6. I'm absolutely in love with this outfit and tiger is an awesome touch.


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