Monday, October 3, 2011


When I cleaned out my closet recently, I came across this fantastic faux fur collar. The pattern is not quite that of a leopard, yet it coordinates seamlessly with nearly every pattern and color. My favorite pairing so far is with this neon pink hue. It's my new favorite thing to wear! In addition to being warm and snuggly, it makes me feel so retro. In fact, I've been listening to the oldies, specifically the 60s, all day long... The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, The Beatles... You name it!

Collar from The Gap, worn with an Old Navy Skirt, a blazer from New York and Company, neon tights from a random boutique in Baltimore, Dolce Vita combat boots, Pangaea sunglasses, a Betsey Johnson bug earring, and flowers from Forever 21 and h&m


  1. Hej, I love your pictures!
    Your blog is really awesome.
    Check out mine :)

  2. Retro punk!!! LOVE the additon of the tights and the scarf with this!!

  3. Love your boots! And the abundance of flowers in the hair is wonderful, the more the better! ;)

  4. Oh my stars! You remind me of myself when I was a teen! You look fab!

  5. So cute outfit!!Love it!!

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    and on-line store !! :)

  6. lovely !! I like it !

  7. This is beautiful!!!

    Next week I'm doing a feature on colorful tights and I'd love to feature this look. Couldn't find your email so if you're interested comment on my blog or shoot me an email @


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