Thursday, September 1, 2011

Google It!

I made this fantastically wonderful pair of shoes last weekend with four packages of googly eyes! I've been using them in some art lately, and they're very inspiring.
Also, they make the coolest sound when I walk!

Pants, Forever 21. Top, T.J. Maxx. Shoes, D.I.Y. (originally Nine West). Bag, vintage. Sunglasses, Pangaea. Flowers, Forever 21 and h&m.


  1. Love the pant. And the shoes are fantastic!!

    stop by my blog
    xx Brigita

  2. wowzer! i made a googley eye tee shirt but this is a whole new league of googley goodness!....amaze!

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  4. i just stumbled across your blog and it's my favorite thing right now!! love! <3 (those googly eye shoes are perfect)

  5. Oh those pants! Awesome! Also loving your mix of prints!

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  6. Those pants are...genius! I am completely in love with them and need to get them now. Also, I'm really impressed with how incredibly well you mixed patterns like that together! I pretty much suck at that haha. But anyway, love the outfit!


  7. absolutely stunning! those DIY shoes are fabulous and so fun.


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