Sunday, September 25, 2011

The First Days of Fall

This morning I went to the Tennessee Arts and Crafts Association fair in downtown Nashville. It was lovely! I threw on my scalloped Pins and Needles shorts from Urban Outfitters and a simple tee from Forever 21. I'm certainly enjoying this cooler weather!

Mmmm... lemonade!
Worn with Dolce Vita combat boots, a vintage clock bag from Savant Vintage Couture, my go-to flower combo, sunglasses from Pangaea, and my trusty blue, beaded necklace.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to show one of my recent projects. I've been working on a series of googly eye art pieces. So far, I've covered my face, a pair of shoes, and now... glasses! I'm also working on a large scale sculpture, collages, drawings, some film, some photography-- all related to google eyes!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. I'm excited for a google-eye film!


  2. hahahhaha funny glasses! I love it xoxo

  3. Love that lipstick and this overall outfit. The red is just so striking!

  4. sounds so fun. i love those fairs... they have the most special finds! your outfit is super fun!

    visit me!

  5. Very cute look. Love the hair piece

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  6. veri cute outfit!!
    thanks for your comment!!
    i hope that you return on my blog!
    kisses and have a nice day!=)

  7. I think you're a really talented blogger and you've got a great thing going on here. So pretty!
    (& I would love you to check my blog dear :))


  8. Thanks for your sweet comment and let me tell you ,i'm totally in love with the frames! it's a beautiful DIY project! Cute flowers!

    following you!

  9. great look-love your glasses!
    thank you for visiting my blog:)!!!


  10. omg those glasses in your last photo are awesome!
    love this ensemble! xx

  11. Love your whole look! Great style.

  12. so stunning!!! love the way you mix the clothes, and your style has got personality! i like it:) your glasses are great and the last ones so funny haha :) i follow you dear^^

    xx, Rachel :)

  13. Love the outfit! Glasses are creative!

    XO Ashleigh


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