Sunday, July 10, 2011

I can't imagine becoming bored with red.

I found this blue flowered hat at a lovely vintage store in Greensboro, NC in early June. It has instant glamour. It goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

Skirt, vintage from Goodwill. Tank, Target. Boots, French's Boot Outlet. Necklace, permanently borrowed from my mom. Glasses, Pangea. Hat, vintage.


  1. Perfect little hat, it's like having a garden on your head. :) And I can't ever imagine getting bored with red either.

  2. Awesome outfit! LOVE all the red :)


  3. this is so divine! You are great with colours I love all your mixtures. x

  4. So jealous of that hat!

  5. You find a way to infuse so many colors even in the Summer! I'm quite jealous.
    Your floral hat is such a great one-of-a-kind find. I have something similar but it's made of feathers, I got away with sneaking it out of my great-grandma's stash of vintage hats. Right now I just like to stare at it, I'm afraid to wear it and break it somehow. As if that's even possible. haha

  6. really like the blue in your necklace and headgear, overall a lovely outfit!

    jess // LF

  7. gorgeous and you're right i could never get bored of the colour red x please follow back

  8. whats a sweet fashion!
    i loved the red dress!!!!!!!!


    naomi from japan


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