Monday, July 25, 2011


I've been a lover of harem pants for quite some time now. However, the harem pant selection in Nashville is nonexistent. So, when I saw a rack full of one-size-fits-all harem trousers in Copenhagen, I squealed with delight and promptly purchased two pairs-- one in a peachy pink and one in a blue paisley print.

Like seriously... these are the drapiest pants I've ever seen in my life.

Look at how they billow in the wind!

This adorable little notebook is from a design store in Stockholm. I've nearly half filled it up with ideas and doodles and lists, and I bought it a week ago! I suppose it's pent up creative energy.

Pants, Street vendor in Copenhagen. Tank, Target. Shoes, Dolce Vita. Necklace, permanently borrowed from mom. Sunglasses, Pangea. Bracelet, Russian souvenir shop. Ring, Navajo. Flowers, Forever 21 and h&m.


  1. Whoa, those are some pretty fierce pants! What luck that you were able to find them AND get them in different colors. Jackpot!

    I've watched so many hours of Project Runway lately and I'm always in aww of the draped pants they make. I think if I ever bought them though, I'd be a wimp and buy them less dramatic and in black. I usually have to start slow with over the top clothes. haha

    Oh, and I'm totally the same way with notebooks. My life would be a scattered mess if I didn't have one (or 3) next to me at all times to write ideas down.

  2. i ADORE that huge turquoise ring. you're a gem. :)


  3. Cute cute harems! LOVE the way you use color!

  4. I am so jealous of those amazing harem pants. I haven't found a pair I like in thirft stores yet. Someday, someday! And you accessorized those beauties just perfectly. I want your sunnies! Beautiful!

  5. I would totally kill for those pants!!

  6. this book looks interesting.

  7. hi girl with the flower, your style is freaking brilliant! ♥


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