Monday, June 20, 2011


This sweater was decorated by me in the eighth grade with some “yo-yos”. I invested so much of my time into sewing the rosettes and painstakingly tacking them down with a needle and thread.
Primarily, I used quarter flats from the quilting department and some leftover material from vintage dresses I’ve altered. I stitched the rosettes with “yoyo” templates from the craft store. Goodness, I cannot stand the word “craft”. Pop-pom snowmen from elementary school holiday parties immediately come to mind. (shudder)

These photos are pretty old. The outfit was successful, except the colors are a bit off in the photos. BUT! I’m a problem solver from way back, so I whipped out my quick thinking skills, and edited these photos in a jiffy. Actually, I just clicked the black and white button in iPhoto, but it doesn’t sound as exciting like that!

In reality, this sweater is a girl-scout-green sort of color.
Dress: vintage from Goodwill, Sweater: originally from Target, Shoes: Marti and Liz, Glasses: Pangea, Flowers: Forever 21 and H&M


  1. You made that sweater in 8th grade? Wow, that's so cute!
    Love & Labels

  2. The sweater looks so darling, love it! :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. what is 8th grade??? me is from england! when you were about 9 years old??!! however old you were its a god damn fine piece of craftyness!..and yes crafty is a vile term - shopping channel tastic / bored housewife!


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