Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bleach Out

Way back in the eighth grade, my mom gave me this brilliant idea to bleach a pair of corduroys that I never wore. I dumped cups of bleach upon them, and I was quite satisfied with the results. However, I was so terrified of wearing them to school... What would people say about me?... Would people look at me funny?... What if they think I'm a freak?
After much deliberation, I took my mother's advice once again, and I wore them to school with a white v-neck, a black blazer, and black patent oxfords. It was slightly terrifying at first, but by the end of the day, I was totally rocking them. As it turns out, all of my eighth grade classmates thought my bleached out pants were pretty darn cool.
Now, it's no big deal to wear bleached out pants. As a matter of fact, I might as well throw on a polka dot blouse! Why not! But without my mother's advice, I might still be stuck in that horrible, eighth grade fashion rut. Speaking of which, happy mother's day!

Pants, bleached corduroy pants from Marshall's. Shirt, vintage from Goodwill. Shoes, Sam Edelman "Zoe" booties. Cuff, Party City. Bag, Santa Fe Farmer's Market. Glasses, Baltimore American Visionary Museum gift shop. Flowers, Forever 21 and H&M.


  1. I really really love your outfit. These shorts are amazing!

  2. wow, they really did turn out well!! yay for moms and wearing whatever you like (:

  3. i love your shoes, your bag, your hairdo, your trousers... just everything about this outfit!

  4. You look amazing! Congrats I saw your photo on chictopia's home page :)

  5. You look fabulous... and even better in person! ;o) Yes, that was me! I thought it was you too. Isn't that funny!? I hope I didn't seem to grumpy, lol. My hubby was giving me a hard time about buying more shoes, haha. I love the shoes you bought! ;o)

  6. I just love this outfit! I found a pair of pants like that at the Salvation Army and wanted them so bad but I couldn't fit.

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    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
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  7. pretty cool outfit again...

  8. I cannot tell you how much my heart loved this look. following now. xx

  9. That top is so so good! Absolutely love it x

  10. Im totally in love with this style! great mix between cute and rock!!! ;)


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