Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grandmotherly to Gorgeous.

Last night, this shirt was a dress! I found a pile of old Goodwill dresses that I had bought with the intention of altering, but simply forgot. Originally, it was mid-calf length and has a grandmotherly lace collar. I cut off the skirt portion underneath the peplum of the dress and the lace at the neckline, and it left me with a lovely, gathered-waist blouse. It has a belt attached that wraps around and ties in variously places. At one time, I considered taking out the shoulder padding, but I'm glad I didn't! I love the huge shoulders!!
When paired with rustic "boyfriend" shorts, the girly factor is given and edge.

Boyfriend shorts-- old mens' jeans from Goodwill that I cut off, distressed, and cuffed/ Shirt-- altered vintage dress from Goodwill/ Shoes-- Sam Edelman "Zoe" booties/ Flowers, Glasses-- Forever 21/ Neckace-- Mom's closet/ Bracelet-- Party City

Although I thoroughly loved putting together this outfit and wearing it, I had quite a difficult time choosing the right accessories-- I was torn between four other necklaces...

Subversive for Target cluster necklace, or my MOMA zipper necklace????
This Subversive for Target necklace has got it all going on... pearls, rhinestones, chains, ribbons. And it looks fabulous with studded cuffs! I love the way it coordinates with the pink flowers in the blouse.
My dad bought me this necklace at the San Francisco MOMA gift store a couple years ago. I wore it a lot last year, and I considered it a statement necklace. Which it is, but not nearly as much as a statement as it used to be. It's one of those things which simply looks like a pretty design from afar, but when you get close, you see that it's actually made of zippers!

A closeup of the MOMA zipper necklace...

My lime green beads from T.J. Maxx, or my BCBG Epaulets???
The green beads add a nice pop of color to the black of the blouse. It also gives the shirt a more modern twist.
I've worn these epaulets to school... once... for 30 minutes. I couldn't take the constant adjusting every time I bent over to pick up my school bag. But I couldn't let my fashion failure get the best of me! I took them off my shoulders, and I wore them as a necklace! I will not give up on my epaulets. They are just too cool! I suppose I'll need to wear them with a heavier jacket or safety pin them to the garment. But in these photos, I love how the edgy chain contrasts with the floaty floral of the blouse. And the heavy-duty shoulder pads help to hold things in place a bit.
A closeup of the epaulets...
Which do you like the best!!!??
I would love to hear opinions from my lovely followers!!!!

Also...!!! I won the Teen Vogue Fashion Click Holiday outfit challenge! Check out the feature here!


  1. LOVE the epaulets! WOW! What a great alteration. So inspiring.

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

    Take the Goodwill Huntingg Challenge!

  2. Aw, you look absolutely adorable here! The top is totally fierce, especially in the black and white photos. Your hair shines so effortlessly, and the flowers just gives it the perfect bedazzled touch. :) This is my first time at your blog, and man, you have already become one of my favorites! I'll definitely follow, and I can't wait for your next post!

    xoxo Tami at

    PS. TOTALLY THE MOMA zipper necklace all the way girl! It looks pretty tamed but edgy at the same time. Even though your top is so bold though, it's weird how the necklace just.. popped when I first saw it :) Haha, gosh am I a rambler! So anyways, long comment cut short. FABULOUS. BLOG. :)

  3. your chain epaulets is to die for
    and so is that top, great job on the alteration!
    and id choose the moma necklace :)

  4. First off, congrats on winning the Teen Vogue Fashion Click!

    Now onto your outfit! Looooove how you transformed the dress into a top. And I like is paired with the shorts and those adorable boots! My opinion is that I think it looks great with the Subversive for Target necklace. But I like the cool detailing on the MOMA necklace! That's so unique. And the epaulets are the way to go!

    Love & Labels

  5. Congratulations.
    Ohh and I love your shirt. The shoulder patchs make the shirt look amazing.

  6. You're so talented - I wish I could snip up my clothes and make them into something better. I'll have to give it a go soon!
    I literally can't decide on the necklaces - maybe the epaulets?!

    Rosie x

  7. i love the last epaulets, they're crazy!!
    crongrat's also for the article on =)

  8. you are a freaking rockstar! I love the epaulets! Your blog is fantastic and congrats on the award! I'm now following!

    xxo Tess S.

  9. I love them all but I think my fav is the MOMA necklace :)

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE that GORGEOUS top and those AWESOME epaulets. You have great style! xo style, she wrote

  11. congratulations! :)
    love the epaulets! :) but the contrast by the lime green beads gets my vote! :)

  12. Such a FANTASTIC blog, I can't stop reading. Love your style.


  13. WOW!! Congrats for that ZOE :) well done....

  14. really cool blog!
    i followed(: do you want to follow mine?

    X zoé - -


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