Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yes, yes... more collages.

I have so many to share, and it's been too rainy and dreary to take photos. This first one has a watercolor background, some random images from my Tumblr newsfeed, and a dictionary definition of "shoes" that I enlarged and cut into pieces.

Sorry for the awkward angle of this one. It's hard to The background of this one is an abstract water media design that I did with colored drawing ink. And the split portrait of Chuck Close is from my art class last year. We had a project where we had to cut a photograph in half and finish off each side in pencil. I thought it would be good to use in a collage.


  1. I ADORE your collages!!! Fabulous! :-) Emily

    PS- Come check out and enter into EL Vintage giveaway honey! XX

  2. Awesome collages!! You are so talented!! xoxoxoo

  3. Great.
    I wish I could do this,too :)

  4. these are gorgeous! you are super talented, awesome <3



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