Thursday, December 23, 2010


Yesterday, I made a trek to a famed Goodwill in a far-away land called Spring Hill. It was brand new and shiny, but it was not as fantastic as others have told me.
Here's the thing, there is a distinct science to Goodwilling-- the prettier Goodwills tend to be pricier and the type clothing corresponds with locals of the area. For example, this Goodwill was located in a newer community, and the clothing was quite a bit newer as well-- hardly any vintage. Most of the clothing was from the early 2000's.
But anyways, I went with the goal of finding something velvet. I'm really inspired by this grunge-punk, textured vibe-- chunky sweaters, vintage graphic tees, long velvet/chiffon skirts, studs, combat boots, creeper shoes (such as these beauties), ect.
I found this velvet dress. I thought it might be slightly too Stevie Nicks-Colonial for me, but it's growing on me. I actually quite like it. I may cut it into a skirt, but I haven't decided yet.

On the days when I don't take outfit photos, I'm probably wearing this jacket. When I first discover something really wonderful, I tend to wear it pretty much every day in a row until the initial obsession wears off a bit. I put these brooches on this jacket approximately five months ago, and that phase has yet to wear off.

Vintage dress; Vintage blazer; Charlotte Russe lace top; Hand studded wedges; Forever 21 headband, glasses, stud bracelet; Jacobs by Marc Jacobs bone bracelet, Target belt.


  1. your blazer is adorable.
    and the dress is wonderful :)

  2. Love your pictures and I dearly love the dress thank you for following me..!and I shall too follow you!!

  3. OH my goodness that blazer is just amazing!!!!!!! love what you did with it!!!

  4. you look so beautiful in velvet! merry christmas lady :) have a good one xxx

  5. oh dear you're lovely!
    i love all the pins on your blazer.

    merry christmas!
    xx elanor


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