Monday, December 27, 2010

Crouching Tiger

This vintage faux-tiger vest has been challenging my fashion sensibilities for many months now. But this lumberjack-esque plaid seems to be the solution to my problem. It's one of those print mismatches that just seems so perfect, and it looks especially nice in black and white.

My dog, Eleanor tends to butt in to several of my outdoor blog photo-taking opportunities. But she's cute, so it's okay.

I found this bag at the Nashville Flea Market last weekend. I went with the intention of finding a hand-tooled leather handbag, and I found one! For only five dollars!

I have rediscovered this belt from my elementary school days. It was one of my favorite things to wear in the fourth grade. Of course, that was when it fit around my hips.
Shirt from the Target boy's department; vintage faux fur vest; Target belt; Guess Jeans; Sam Edelman Zoe boots; vintage handbag; Forever 21 flower


  1. I love your ability to mix and match patterns and textures! That vest goes lovely in contrast with that vest! Which, I absolutely adore. I want a faux-fur vest/jacket. I love color of the clasp on your belt! And you got an amazing deal on that cute bag!

    Love & Labels

  2. This looks great.
    Cool idea with the tiger vest :)

  3. So cool. I LOVE THIS. That belt added so much to this outfit. wow.

    Im your new follower, hope youll like to follow me too : )


  4. You are so right...the plaid is the perfect answer! And I love how you paired it with the belt. Gorge! xo

  5. strong combination..lookin good.
    the bag was a bargain !!


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