Monday, December 6, 2010

Complementary colors.

I love the pairing of this orange skirt and teal-blue necklace. What a lovely pair of complementary colors?! Oh, how my art teacher would be proud! There's nothing quite demonstrating my knowledge of color theory through my daily clothing choices.
Free People skirt, vintage polka dot dress (worn as a top) from Goodwill, handmade tie belt, vintage faux-croc handbag, vintage blazer from Goodwill, teal beaded necklace from my mom's closet, headband and glasses from Forever 21, Dolce Vita shoes.


  1. omg what a stunning neklace!

  2. This outfit is gorgeous!! I love your use of colors--stunning. And that necklace is so cool. Oh, and I love the way you did your hair. You're just so adorable overall! :)


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