Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside.

Many see the winter as a time to bundle up in boring neutrals, but I see the winter as a time to wear the same colorful clothes I wear during the rest of the year-- just more of them! The winter is a fabulous time to layer bold and colorful prints on top of one another.
Custo Barcelona tee shirt from my mom's closet, Forever 21 Leopard Coat, Forever 21 Dress, Tights from Target, Dolce Vita combat boots, geeky glasses from Claire's Accessories, Flower from For Love 21.


  1. geez, i say this every time i comment but - you always look so put together and beautiful! i love how it seems like you pick out every detail of an outfit specifically... :) looks great!

    xx elanor

  2. love your coat and dress - you're right its so refreshing to see some colour! x

  3. girlll i love your style! it is so refreshing to see such bright colors during the gloomy winter :) this is such a lovely outfit -- following you!

    visit/follow me too :)

  4. Your style is FAB!!!!! Color and more color, adore it and the texture you have going. XX to you!

  5. lovely outfit!!!

  6. I love this photos brillant outfit. I love the coat!


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