Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things to make and do.

I sincerely apologize for my total lack of outfit posts as of late. I really want to take photos of my outfits, but stinky old school tend to get in the way. I promise that I will have new photos... very soon. In the meantime, here are some of my current inspirations for art projects.
Currently, I'm really into mixed media work. I love using old books and images in my collages. Whenever I go to Goodwill, I look for quirky books about random things... like dinosaurs, for example. Dictionaries and thesauruses are super great.
However, the one thing that I would really love to find would be an old yearbook.

This is kind of cool, but it's mainly just really creepy. It reminds me of this series of doll collages I've been wanting to make... ever since I bought this book at Goodwill about the history of Barbie dolls. It has so many great (and creepy) images.
*Both images from random sites on my Tumblr newsfeed

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