Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sketchbook Collages

Lately, I have been carrying my sketchbook with me everywhere. I have found it to be a fabulous place to collect my ideas. My favorite thing to do is collage...

In the collage on the left, I have two photos of me from my recent post "Almost a nebula", an altered image of one of my drawings (shown below), and a quote by Andy Warhol. I don't really like the quote all too much, but I love the blocked label-maker text with the photos and the background. The other collage is made up of random photos from the internet.

The top portion of this one is a copy of a recent pencil drawing I did of octopus tentacles and human hearts, the quote is by Shakespeare, the flowers are a photo that I took, and the runway photo is Suno.


  1. i LOVE that bottom collage. it looks so amazing with the color contrasts and your sketch is fabulous!

  2. wow, loving the top two xx

  3. I do the same exact thing!!! I find it so relaxing, and then I like to look back on it bc I love to admire the collage-confusion of what I've done :P I think that's a really nice quote in the first collage.

    I really like your personal style- it's slightly eccentric (that's deff a good thing) with some vintage sprinkled in there. :)



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