Monday, November 22, 2010

Plants rarely die of natural causes.

As of late, I really like using old books as collage material. I bought the book Happy House Plants at a thrift store a couple months ago, and I was immediately drawn to the illustrations of almost every house plant imaginable. I loved the passage in the book about why plants die, and I thought it would be an interesting subject for a collage.
It reads..
"Plants rarely die of natural causes. Surprised? Well, the number one cause of death among plants is simply improper care. That's right, you and I are a plant's greatest enemy. On the other hand, only you and I can save a plant from dying an early death."
I quite like the unnecessary and highly dramatic connotations of this passage, and I think it is fascinating in an odd sort of way.
The background is white acrylic paint mixed with the crumbled remains of a dead sunflowers from my garden. I sanded off the top layer to bring out more texture and let the brown of the sunflower debris show through more. To finish it off, I coated it with a thick layer of Mod Podge.
I apologize for the weird angles. The Mod Podge coating gives it a huge glare from above.


  1. Oh i realy like your from Athens!!!!!

  2. great. i love it.
    so creative!!!


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