Monday, October 18, 2010

Three Hearts

As of late, I am very inspired and intrigued with the shape and form of octopi. Aside from making great subjects for drawings, they are one of the most fascinating sea creatures. I was researching them, and I came across an article mentioning that octopi have three hearts. I had heard this before, but this little factoid triggered a brainstorm of infinite proportions. I absolutely love the symbolism of having three hearts.
Does that mean that as octopus has a higher ability to love?
My edited pencil drawing

My original pencil drawing


  1. Lovely pictures. Ohh and I have to say that I love your Mulberry for target bag.
    The last picture is so cool :)

  2. I cant believe that you drew that! You can deffinitely do my uni art work for me anytime you wish ;D



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