Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Collage Self-Portrait.

This was a project that I completed in art class recently. The assignment was to create a self-portrait collage, using pencil to draw a portion of our face and using collage to cover the rest of the space. The piece was to express our feelings and interests without saying a single word.
The mass of flowers covering the top of my face was created with photographs that I have taken of several of the silk flowers that I wear in my hair. Flowers are one of my favorite things, and I find them to be very interesting and intriguing. The drawing utensils and paintbrushes represent my love of art, design, and visual expression. My background is a photograph that I edited and then wallpapered on the to the background. It is a photo of a nebula or gaseous cloud in outer space. I am currently very inspired by these types of space photographs in bot art and fashion. I love the abstract forms and unusual color combinations. And lastly, my face and hands are in an "angry kitty" pose. This is a pose that I always do with my friends when we take group photos, and it has become a tradition. We always have to take an "angry kitty" picture at events. I feel that this pose adequately demonstrates my love for my close friends and my ability to have fun, regardless of what other people think.


  1. Crazy. Colorful. Cool.


    ***** Marie *****

  2. i'm enjoying these little visual presents.


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