Sunday, August 1, 2010

an ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch.

Shorts, Blazer, vintage (from Goodwill). Tee Shirt, Jacobs by Marc Jacobs. Shoes, hand-studded. Sunglasses, Flower, Forever 21. Brooches, various assorted locations.

I recently saw this post from Sea of Shoes and it thoroughly inspired me. And also the photo above from J. Crew. I love the "flea market-chic" clustering of antique brooches. And it photographs marvelously, if I do say so myself.
Speaking of photography, I thought I'd give a shout-out to my photographer-- Thanks Dad! I definitely see fashion photography in your future.
Another thing that I like about this bunching of brooches is how each one of them has its own story. Some of them came from my childhood dress-up box, some are from the flea market, some of them belong to my mom, some of them are from my travels, and some are modern- from places such as Forever 21 and Plato's Closet.
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  1. I absolutely LOVE this style! Personally, I used to think brooches were more of elderly people's style. This is so fresh and new! I might just try it!

  2. This is an awesome intrepretation of the j crew lookbook.!

  3. WHOA SO COOL. I LOVE ALL YOUR PIIIIINS. <3 You've inspired me to use a bunch of pins inside of using just one and looking like an old lady. :D So pretty, Zoe!~

  4. I love your glasses! those are spectacular. great collection of pins as well :)

  5. Your jacket is absoluetly amazing! I love it!!

    - Frederikke

  6. That jacket and those glasses are so wicked! Love it!

  7. i love all of your pins!! i'd love to make rings out of them!

    Gina Marie Vintage

  8. I love your blazer with all those broches!

  9. Love this look. I also love all the broches on your blazer.


  10. aww thank you so much<3
    i love your blog, too :) Now I follow your blog <3

  11. your blog makes me smile too... :)


  12. gorgeous outfit!
    that blazer is stunning the brooches are so cute
    oh and i love your shoes too :)

  13. How creative!:D

    Happy Monday!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  14. Where is this backround? It`s very rustic. Cool picture by the way :)

  15. The background in these pictures is an abandoned restaurant. I thought the chipped paint was cool, and it looks even better when I increase the contrast.


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