Sunday, August 22, 2010

A jazzy pair of trousers.

Jeans, hand-bleached Converse for Target. Blazer, vintage from Goodwill. Top, Charlotte Russe. Shoes, Sunglasses, Betsey Johnson. Bag, vintage. Brooches, vintage/flea market/mom's closet. Flower, Forever 21.

Originally, I bought them as an alternative to my usual straight-leg denim, but alas, I did not wear them. They resided in the cavernous depths of my closet for ages. Until one day, when I was feeling rambunctious, I decided to give them a makeover. With some bleach, a nice, shredded hole, and cuffs, I transformed a boring pair of bootcuts into a jazzy pair of trousers. I don't wear them nearly as much as I should.

I found these magnificent shoes while cowboy boot shopping yesterday at French's Boot and Shoe Outlet. In addition to western boots, they sell racks and racks of seriously discounted shoes. I just so happened to stumble across these glorious Betsey Johnsons for $13.

Also, I do believe that I have found the perfect shade of red lipstick. It's Lipstick Queen's Red Sinner.


  1. i love the heavily pinned blazer !!
    did you get the inspiration for the jcrew lookbook ? :D
    take care and have a good weekend !

  2. Love it. The brooches on your blazer are so cool. Ohh and the shoes are so beautiful :)

  3. absolutely LOVE your pinned blazer.. i'm thinking of doing that as well :]

    +++enter my giveaway!


  4. I just love all those brooches :)

  5. amzing outfit! One of the coolest jackets I have ever seen! :) You rock it!

  6. Cudowne te broszki! Strasznie mi sie podoba outfit, jedziesz dalej ;)


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